Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Will Not Buy Anything

Ok so now that I have all 3 of these boys at home they are always wanting to go somewhere.  The library, just for a ride and to my nemesis, THE MALL.  I hate going there,  It depresses me to know that I not allowed to buy anything.  I usually bring cash with me for a just in case problem and it starts burning a hole in my thigh as soon as I enter the glass doors.  My boys are in love with Foot Locker, Brookstone and The Apple Store, where they can easily spend 2 hours playing on iPads.  Thank goodness the employees don't shue them away.  I usually try to bring a book or magazine(I miss bookstores in the mall) and grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks and read.  I am usually done in 45 minutes or less and start walking around.  I go in, I go out, trying to avoid those stores near a dear to me heart.  Macy's, The Limited, both Ann Taylor's and now I am being tormented by Sephora and Ulta.  Oh the humanity of it all.  Eventually I will be able to buy something new but in the meantime I shall walk around face pressed against windows sighing.

Oh yeah back in June I scored a brand new sundress and a yellow J. Crew from the thrift store for $3.00.  #WINNING

Oh yeah I have also been doing well sticking to my $100 or less grocery shopping.  It has been a task but I have been doing okay as long as I plan everything out.  Hope I can maintain during the school year.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 15, 2011

Sorry I didn't get a chance to log on yesterday.  My sister can to town and I was running around with her, no I didn't spend any money with her.  Well actually I did when we went out to eat for her sister n law birthday.  We went to Wasabi which is a hibachi grill so you know it was pricey.  Even though my brother n law paid the bill, I still gave him $26 to cover my meal.  He could take care of my appetizer and drink, I try to mooch off of people when I actually have to funds to pay for something and this is something that I have been looking forward to all week, so I was prepared to shell out.

I got my oil changed which was a necessity which was $42 because I had 2 lights out, dayum that was not something I could get out of doing because I have changed a light bulb in my car and it is no easy matter.  Then I headed to the grocery store where I spent $87.81, now yes this is over my $75 budget but I ended up buying some staples that will last for a month or more like a bag of potatoes $3.47, instead of one pork tenderloin I ended up getting a 2 pack for $8.69 which will be another meal later, another container of dish washing liquid  for $2.47 (I couldn't remember if I had some at home and I do), a lingerie bag for laundry, mine has a hole in it $1.47, sugar $2.54 will last a month or longer, plastic cups at $2.48 will last over a month and a bag of chicken breasts at $6.98 will last at least 2 meals.  So I think I did pretty good, but I did have to stop at another store that had the beef I like and spent $7.69 on two packages.  On the meal this week I am making Parmesan Pork Loins for Sunday, Rosemary Garlic Chicken breasts for Monday and Beef Stir-Fry for Tuesday.  Wednesday the boys will be with their grandparents and my mother and I usually eat stuff in the cabinets like cereal.  Thursday of course is leftover day and Friday is our fast food day.  Saturday fend for yourself day.  Now just to stay out of the store all week.  The only thing I saw int he paper that I want to buy is a yellow pillow for my bed and a kettle ball which is on sale at Target.  Oh, the temptation.

Your Empty Pocket Diva ,

Friday, January 14, 2011

January 13, 2011

Today was a bad when it came to spend.  Victoria Secret is having their semi annual clearance sale and this is when I usually get rid of any old bras that are stabbing me and get one that is $15.99 or less.  I spent $40.12 in one store and then $62.73 in another.  I know I was only suppose to but what I need to replace.  Tomorrow I will be going through my drawers and taking out the 3 bras that I know have seen better days and picking 3 of the ones I bought today.  The rest will have to go back to the store.  The great thing is that I used the coupon off the bottom of 2 old receipts and got $10 off both times.  I have to pay more attention to those because all they want is for you to take a survey and then they give you a code that the cashier types in and VOILA ten big ones off.  Today is Fast Food Family Fun Friday so we had a pizza, a cheap pizza at that it only cost me $8.49 because I ordered it online and I picked it up.  The only other things I bought today was a clearance vase for Anthropologie, I needed a pencil holder for my desk and $3.98 was a perfect price for me.  Then I spent $17 at Trader Joe's buying my mother sugared pecans, lunch for tomorrow and a pack of chocolate caramel wedges(I know, I know).  I bought a a book and an 50% off Entertainment book from Borders, so that was $33.35.  I also bought hair product from the Vitamin Shoppe for $20.13, but it will take months for me to use it all, so I don't feel guilty about this one.  I still over spent but tomorrow I won't be going anywhere but to the grocery store for next weeks menu.

Your Empty Pocket Diva,

Hello Folks

I am a single unemployed mother, trying to find a job and raise my boys.  As times are getting worse I have to dedicate myself to being more diligent to save money wherever I can so that until I find a job I can meet ends meet.  I have 2 things going on for me, I own my home and I own my car, so now to get some monkeys off my back(bills)!!!  Follow me on my daily journey and log of what I am doing and how I am saving.

Your Empty Pocket Diva,