Friday, January 14, 2011

January 13, 2011

Today was a bad when it came to spend.  Victoria Secret is having their semi annual clearance sale and this is when I usually get rid of any old bras that are stabbing me and get one that is $15.99 or less.  I spent $40.12 in one store and then $62.73 in another.  I know I was only suppose to but what I need to replace.  Tomorrow I will be going through my drawers and taking out the 3 bras that I know have seen better days and picking 3 of the ones I bought today.  The rest will have to go back to the store.  The great thing is that I used the coupon off the bottom of 2 old receipts and got $10 off both times.  I have to pay more attention to those because all they want is for you to take a survey and then they give you a code that the cashier types in and VOILA ten big ones off.  Today is Fast Food Family Fun Friday so we had a pizza, a cheap pizza at that it only cost me $8.49 because I ordered it online and I picked it up.  The only other things I bought today was a clearance vase for Anthropologie, I needed a pencil holder for my desk and $3.98 was a perfect price for me.  Then I spent $17 at Trader Joe's buying my mother sugared pecans, lunch for tomorrow and a pack of chocolate caramel wedges(I know, I know).  I bought a a book and an 50% off Entertainment book from Borders, so that was $33.35.  I also bought hair product from the Vitamin Shoppe for $20.13, but it will take months for me to use it all, so I don't feel guilty about this one.  I still over spent but tomorrow I won't be going anywhere but to the grocery store for next weeks menu.

Your Empty Pocket Diva,

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